by Lugeretzia Cooper

MAVULUMA Adventist Primary Private School at Katima Mulilo has temporarily cancelled face-to-face teaching due to possible contact between a pupil and a nurse who recently tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

Mavuluma Adventist Primary Private School at Katima Mulilo. Photo: School Facebook Page

The acting regional education director in Zambezi, Joseph Kawana, confirmed the temporary closure of the school to The Namibian.

The school informed parents of its pupils on Tuesday that the school will be closed for 14 days from 22 July to 4 August.

“The school is in a critical situation, as there is one possible contact of Covid-19, which came through a health worker. This possible contact is a Grade 3 learner,” a letter which the school sent to parents read.

The school also stated that when the possible contact was reported to it on Tuesday, it immediately reported the incident to the Covid-19 communication centre in Windhoek.

“We urge the parents to keep their children under observation for possible Covid-19 symptoms and report it to the authorities immediately,” the letter stated.

The letter lastly noted that the school’s e-learning programmes would resume because of the closure.

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