by Taati Niilenge

WALVIS Bay residents have found an innovative way of worshiping together amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Residents drove to the town’s waterfront area on Sunday morning, for the first drive-in church service for the town.

The service was organized by the Walvis Bay Community church, which usually has two Sunday services in Afrikaans and English.

The services were suspended due to the lockdown about four months ago, leaving families to pray at home.

“We just decided to do something different. We cannot cope with this lockdown. Everyone wants to get together for prayer. There is power in togetherness. I thought of starting a drive-in church, where people can come together in their cars and we teach and preach the gospel, and they go home.

“God is going to do something big for Walvis Bay in this situation. People need encouragement and upliftment. They also need to feel that sense of belonging again,” said pastor Jacques Van Vuuren.

The church observed the rules by consulting the police in advance.

Most sat in their cars during the service, although others stood outside in small groups.

“ I could not wait to get here. As soon as I read the notice on social media, I knew I had to come. I have been watching church services on television and praying with my family at home, but we were all hungry for fellowship. It felt so good,” said Ndahafa Chisenga.

“This was awesome! We missed church so much. Although we cannot touch each other, at least we could wave at each other. It was just so good to see the others after such a long time. I cannot wait for next week,” said Elma Basson.

The church plans to find a bigger venue, as other people could not find parking because of the large number of cars.

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