by Taati Niilenge

The Namibian Police’s community affairs commander in Erongo has urged residents at especially Walvis Bay to keep adhering to Covid-19 safety measures.

Inspector Ileni Shapumba on Tuesday said although people are now allowed to travel to and from Walvis Bay, residents still have to act responsibly to prevent contracting the novel coronavirus and spreading it to other people.

Some residents have started walking around without masks, assuming the virus has moved to Windhoek – which could set a dangerous example for children who restart school next week.

“Some residents have been relaxing the use of face masks and social distancing, especially since hearing that positive cases are reducing at Walvis Bay. This does not mean the virus is gone. We cannot continue to play around like this. The police cannot keep warning you forever like this. Actions will be taken, if you don’t comply,” Shapumba said in an interview with The Namibian.

He also lashed out at long-distance divers who try to embark on their journeys after curfew time.

“Drivers are arguing with the law enforcement agencies. We do not make the laws, we enforce them. The lawmakers are thinking about your safety. If you drive after curfew time, we will arrest you, and you will be charged. Reserve the arguments for court. You have enough time to start off a trip in order to reach your destination on time, but you still attempt to leave after eight o’clock,” he said.

He noted that it would be difficult to get assistance during curfew hours in the event of an accident, or when robbers attack at night.

He applauded the Erongo community for adhering to curfew times, and said most of the streets are quiet and few people were found roaming the streets without valid reasons.

He singled out neighbourhood watches in some towns, who made themselves available to help patrol the streets, to acknowledge their efforts.

Members of the NDF at Walvis Bay assist the police to enforce Covid-19 safety measures around the town. File photo.
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