by Taati Niilenge

SOME parents at Walvis Bay are urging others to embrace home learning during the coronavirus crisis, as it has benefited their children.

DEDICATION … Timothy Serogwe has class with his daughter and her friend every day, and says they are now well above their class level.

They say they have been helping their children in an environment that is not crowded, which improved reading and mathematics skills a lot.

“It was hard in the begining, but I soon started changing from parent to serious teacher until after class. My child’s feedback from her teacher was really bad before home schooling. Now she is sounding and reading perfectly. She is more than ready for Grade 1 now,” says Timothy Serogwe.

Although Serogwe works, he makes time after work and on off-days to slot in three hours for educating his daughter and her friend.

“We do the complete programme, from the national anthem to subjects, break and ending with prayer. I need them to stay with the routine. Parents are complaining that they cannot cope. We can all cope if we just want to,” he says.

Serogwe used to attend free evening classes that teach parents how to assist their children.

However, he says he was always disappointed that he was the only father, and there were very few mothers in attendance.

His dedication is now paying off. He urges parents to start supporting the government’s efforts towards education.

Other parents keep their children connected to their tutors while they are at work.

“My child still goes to her tutor, and she has improved a lot. I have no worries. She visits with her mask and sanitiser. Parents do not have an excuse not to have the child educated during this time,” says Gary Simon.

“I am careful about my child being out there, but I am worried about her not attending school. Her tutor comes to my house. We also make sure that all safety measures are taken before she enters,” says Nelago Abel.

The parents say they feel sorry for the many children that have been roaming the streets at the coastal town, although parents receive learning materials from school.

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