Ester Mbathera

Welwitschia Hospital at Walvis Bay has opened a 40-bed container-based ward for Covid-19 isolation purposes.

Infection prevention and control coordinator Sister Eleanor Jansen

According to Eleanor Jansen, infection prevention and control coordinator at the hospital, the ward will complement its existing 33-bed ward currently filling up with coronavirus patients.

She says despite the number of novel coronavirus infections stabilising in the Erongo region, the hospital wanted to be ready for any eventuality as “the virus is unpredictable”.

“As we all know that the epicentre was us [Walvis Bay], as the prediction goes we will definitely have slowed in the numbers but because the Erongo region has opened up again and people are moving in and out we predict another peak in the middle of September to the end of October,” says Jansen.

She adds that the hospital had to send people away and discharge patients when the number of Covid-19 cases was high and the hospital did not have enough beds.

The new facility will be kept for as long as Covid-19 is around. The hospital has recruited 16 people to work in the ward on fixed-term contracts of six months.

The privately owned Welwitschia Hospital has been at the forefront of fighting the virus at the harbour town and was involved in a failed container-based Covid-19 facility, backed by the private sector, which would have been set up at the town’s state hospital.

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