by Clemans Miyanicwe

VOTERS at various polling stations at Khorixas are complaining of lines moving too slow.

Bernadette Jagger, deputy minister of gender equality, poverty eradication and social welfare, cast her vote at Versteende Woud Primary School this morning.

“It’s a bit slow, but it’s picking up. I am very happy with people standing in lines; attendance looks good and this confirms people are ready to vote,” she said.

Jagger said the election is about service delivery and that this is the Swapo-led government’s mandate.

“As our mantra says, we have heard you. We have heard your voices on unemployment, we heard you on housing, sanitation, gender-based violence, and better service delivery,” she said.

Elizabeth Ganuses, senior adviser for Dauredaman Traditional Authority, who was in line at the Khorixas Youth Hall, said the lines are a bit faster, but as the elderly are given preference it slows down.

Labobo Gaoxab (18), an unemployed youth, said: “These lines are moving at a snail’s pace. I am going back. I have been standing here for two hours and I need to go eat.”

Irene #Guibes (50), a shopkeeper, also queueing at the Khorixas Youth Hall, said: “It’s slow. I have been here for an hour. I will wait a bit longer, although I have to go open the shop.”

Stanley Geiriseb (20), a Grade 7 school dropout and first-time voter, said he has been waiting since 07h00.

“I will wait a bit longer. I have to cast my vote as one wants better job opportunities,” he said.

A voter at Donkerhoek Kindergarten said there was progress as lines move a bit faster there, although some people were trying to skip the queue.

He complained about voting with a pencil.

“If the ECN allows us to vote with a pencil, I won’t vote. Pencils can be erased,” he said.

Norman Tapsy !Nanuseb, a candidate at Khorixas, said the voting process at Versteende Woud Primary School was fast and smooth.

“There are no long lines . . . It’s your democratic right; now is the time to choose who will represent you,” he said.

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