by Clemans Miyanicwe

FOUR volunteers chosen by the National Youth Council started educating residents of Kamanjab on the novel coronavirus disease, Covid-19, on Wednesday.

Volunteers (from left) Bonafatius Tjinyama, Dedrie Jantze, and Alfred Kingslee Hipandulwa alongside the chairperson of the Constituency Youth Forum, Nikodemus Amutenya, in blue jeans. Photo: Clemans Miyanicwe

The Kamanjab Constituency Youth Forum (KCYF) chairperson, Nicodemus Amutenya, applauded the National Youth Council for using local youths to educate the village residents on Covid-19.

Amutenya told The Namibian the volunteers are local residents who know Kamanjab. “The volunteers will educate the residents on Covid-19 so they have knowledge of this pandemic,” he said.

Each of the volunteers will educate five households a day and will also hand over condoms and face masks to residents of the Kunene region village.

Amutenya said volunteers would be of great help for the village, as some of the people at Kamanjab do not understand Covid-19.

He called on local residents to adhere to Namibia’s Covid-19 regulations, and noted that the police are working around the clock to see that measures aimed at preventing the spread of the coronavirus are adhered to.

“Take it seriously. Stay home and use a mask whenever you are out,” Amutenya pleaded.

More than 300 households are to be covered by the volunteers.

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