Jerry Beukes

VOCATIONAL training centres have been closed and training has been suspended effective immediately, as a measure to contain the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak.

The Namibia Training Authority (NTA) chief executive officer Jerry Beukes said all vocational training centres (VTCs) would stop face-to-face instruction immediately until further notice and the decision supersedes the scheduled mid-term break of 23 to 26 March.

In a statement today, Beukes said these decisions, inter alia, include immediate amendments to the school calendar as per the education ministry directive that called for all schools, resource centres and hostels to close tomorrow (16 March).

“This means all VTC hostels are to be closed immediately and VTC managers are to inform trainees and parents/guardians accordingly to ensure that trainees return to their homes. VTC managers are implored to go an extra mile in rendering support to trainees, where necessary.

“This is a significant step, and we know that it may be difficult and raise questions. We promise to work diligently with our government and stakeholders in the days to come to help make this transition as smooth as possible for everyone,” the NTA chief said.

This decision comes after two positive Covid-19 cases were reported in Namibia on Friday.

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