by Lugeretzia Kooper

RESIDENTS of the Zambezi region are concerned about the recent increase in the number of Covid-19 cases in the region.

It has reported about 15 positive cases on Thursday, which is the highest number in a day so far.

The region currently has 37 confirmed cases, 14 recoveries, 109 active contacts and 77 people in quarantine.

Residents say this increase is a clear indication that regulations are not adhered to.

“Citizens should change their mindset and act responsibly, and not expect law-enforcement officers to help them wear masks and adhere to social distancing. If need be, let schools close indefinitely,” says resident Charles Siyauya.

He feels the local and regional authority elections should also be postponed.

Another concerned resident, Reagan Muatuli, says people still do not believe the virus is dangerous and only wear masks upon entering shops.

“People believe they will not get the coronavirus because the Zambezi region is very hot. This is one of the reasons people are not taking the virus seriously,” he says.

Simasiku Mulijani, also a Zambezi resident, suggests a nationwide lockdown to be put in place.

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