by Taati Niilenge
THE usually busy streets of Kuisebmund were empty today. Most residents are staying indoors after the recent spike in Covid-19 cases in the area.

STAY HOME … Most streets at Kuisebmund were unusually quiet today.

“We were complaining about the police and leaders, but they were only trying … People are shaken for the first few hours when they hear about cases, but then they go out again,” Meitavelo Simon from Kuisebmund said.
 “I didn’t see many people outside today. It is kind of funny to see my street less busy. Maybe we are finally listening,” Amutenya Andreas, also a Kuisebmund resident, said.
Ndeapo Sheya had to show her children’s friends away.

“I did it politely and educated them about staying home. It seems some parents are still not serious. I cannot take that chance any more. No more friends for us for now,” she said.
In some streets of Seapoint, Namport and Tutaleni however, children were still playing in the street. Erongo unit commander for community affairs, inspector Ileni Shapumba, said children on the streets pose a great danger.
“You can not be home while your kids are on the street. Parents are reminded to leave kids at home when they go out. They should take responsibility to ensure no kids are playing on streets,” he said.
Walvis Bay mayor Wilfried Immanuel advised residents to cooperate. 

“We are in a difficult time. It is really important to minimise movement now. We are aware that people are hungry and panicking.

We are really trying to work on it. We planned to buy more food and will try to feed some people for now.

“Unfortunately we cannot do it all at once. We have over 15 000 registered people and only enough is left for 1 200 people, but we will try our best,” he said.
Wilfried said 15 student nurses will be helping to conduct mass testing at identified areas at Kuisebmund soon.

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