by Charmaine Ngatjiheue

Namibia has recorded five more cases of Covid-19, health minister Kalumbi Shangula announced on Tuesday evening.

Kalumbi Shangula

This cases, which are all from Walvis Bay, bring the country’s number of confirmed novel coronavirus infections to 72.

“These cases are part of the batch that was analysed yesterday but could only be completed today,” Shangula said.

Case 68 is a 41-year-old Namibian woman from Walvis Bay. According to Shangula, she has had no known contact with a confirmed novel coronavirus case.

“She was swabbed on 20 June as part of active case search. She had Covid-19-related signs and symptoms at the time of swabbing. The result came out positive,” Shangula said.

Case 69 is a 45-year-old Namibian woman, while case 70 is a 59-year-old Namibian woman. Both are from Walvis Bay and have had no known contact with someone previously confirmed to have contracted the virus.

Case 71 is a 42-year-old Namibian woman from Walvis Bay and also has had no known contact with a confirmed case. “She is part of the active case search. She manifested signs and symptoms consistent with Covid-19. She tested positive for Covid-19,” Shangula noted.

Case 72 is a 51-year-old Namibian man, also from Walvis Bay.

“He has no known contact with a confirmed case as he is part of active case search. He did not have any Covid-19-related signs and symptoms,” the minister said. – [email protected]

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