by Tuyeimo Haidula

ONE of the University of Namibia’s staff members at its main campus tested positive for Covid-19.

The University of Namibia main campus entrance. Photo: File

Unam’s vice chancellor, Kenneth Matengu, announced today in an internal memo that the last time the staff member was present on campus was on 14 July.

Matengu said the individual is in a stable condition at an isolation facility.

“According to him, the staff member started feeling unwell on 18 July while at home. He got tested on 21 July and was confirmed positive on 22 July. He has been in isolation ever since testing positive,” he said.

Matengu said the university management was officially informed of this development on Monday afternoon only.

He urged staff and students to immediately notify management of their status after testing positive, or when suspecting exposure.

“Although the staff member has not been on campus since 14 July, various precautions are being taken to ensure the safety of our community: Disinfection of the entire block where the staff member is working; remote work for all colleagues who were in touch with him between 10 and 14 July, and those from the same department for a period of seven days, starting 28 July,” Matengu wrote.


He said 39 students from the health faculty are in quarantine, due to exposure while working at health facilities.


Another staff member working at the main campus revealed a relative was in contact with a confirmed Covid-19 case in a work environment.

The involved building was disinfected. Matengu said the staff member has been asked to isolate at home until the contact’s test results are known.

Matengu said currently, three staff members from the nursing school are in self-quarantine after being exposed to exposed students, and will only return to work if students’ results prove to be negative.

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