by Hileni Nembwaya

TWO people who recently returned to Namibia from Angola are currently under quarantine at Oshikango in the Ohangwena region for a 14-day period.

People passing the Oshikango border post, one the busiest in the country, which separates Namibia and Angola. File photo.

The two are said to have entered the country a few days ago through the Oshikango border and were placed under quarantine on arrival.

Ben Nangombe, the executive director of the health ministry, confirmed to The Namibian this evening that one of the individuals is a Namibian national, while the other is a permanent resident of Namibia.

“All of them are Namibian nationals, either with permanent Namibian permit holders. They are not foreigners, because at the moment we are not allowing any foreign nationals to enter the country unless in emergency situations.

They are just placed under quarantine as per the government’s policy and they are not infected with the coronavirus. All Namibian nationals entering Namibia from other countries are supposed to be placed under quarantine for 14 days and if they do not show any symptoms of the coronavirus within 14 days, we release them.

Tests are only being conducted on those showing symptoms of the coronavirus. We cannot afford to test everyone entering the country because we might run out of testing kits,” he said.

The two have been placed under quarantine at a local hotel at Oshikango.

Nangombe further added that if the two develop any coronavirus-related symptoms, they will be placed under isolation until they fully recover.

“People should not panic unnecessarily. There is no confirmed case of the coronavirus at Oshikango or in the Ohangwena region in particular. Being under quarantine does not mean that someone is suffering from the coronavirus. If they show any symptoms of the coronavirus while under quarantine, we will conduct some tests to see if they are suffering from the coronavirus or not. And if they test positive for the coronavirus, the public will be informed as usual,” said Nangombe.

Nangombe, therefore, urged the public to desist from unnecessary panic, as the government is hard at work to ensure that all suspected cases of the coronavirus are attended to promptly in an effort to combat the spread of the virus.

The public is further urged to implement the precautionary measures in place and ensure good hand hygiene at all times.

Regional health director of the Ohangwena region John Hango also indicated that the directorate has not recorded any cases of the coronavirus in the region.

“We did not record any case of the coronavirus in Ohangwena. People should stop spreading rumours and wait on the ministry to inform them with the right facts,” he said.

So far, only eight confirmed cases of the coronavirus have been reported in Namibia.

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