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by Clemans Miyanicwe

THE primary healthcare supervisor at Khorixas District Hospital, Auguste Day, has shot down rumours that two tourists were bought in to the hospital to be tested for the novel coronavirus on Monday.

Day said on Kaisames FM – formerly the Damara Nama radio service – that nobody had been brought to the hospital at Khorixas with symptoms of being infected with the coronavirus.

“There is no coronavirus. There was nobody brought in with symptoms. Our hospital is not under lockdown,” an irate Day said on air.

Day warned people not to spread false news, saying it was putting people under stress and that when people are under stress their immune systems weaken and sickness can be picked up easily.

“Please don’t spread rumours. Stop spreading useless lies,” Day warned.

Day said the hospital had to answers numerous calls asking about who had been bought in from Ani#Chab settlement in the Sorri Sorris area. “Instead of attending to patients we have to answer calls,” Day said.

Earlier on Monday a voice recording of a man warning that two tourists had been brought from Ani#Chab to the Khorixas hospital to be tested for the coronavirus was shared on social media.

At the only supermarket at Khorixas, OK Foods, the store’s manager, Eddie Viljoen, said most of its hand sanitiser stock was sold out.

Dettol antiseptic soap was also nearly sold out, and Viljoen said the shop was struggling to get more of the soap in stock.

OK Foods at Khorixas has provided hand sanitiser to its staff and also shoppers, with shoppers further provided with soap to clean their shopping trolleys and cashiers wearing gloves.

Viljoen informed The Namibian that there was a large demand for gloves, but the shop would receive it only by Tuesday.

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