by Taati Niilenge

THREE community trusts at Walvis Bay have decided to meet the government halfway by distributing food to the needy.

HELPING HAND … Glen Kasper (20), the youngest member of the Topnaar Community Foundation Trust, and Rooidon Manale pictured handing over food parcels to ouma Katrina Swartbooi of Klipneus farm on Wednesday.

The Topnaar Community Foundation Trust, Topnaar Concession Trust and Kuiseb Delta Development Trust handed over food hampers to over 200 households and individuals in the Topnaar community on Wednesday.

“We decided to help the government in this Covid-19 fight. Attempts are already being made by the government to assist different communities, and they have not forgotten us either.

“They also came to register people in our community and while we wait, we decided to help the community a bit,” said senior councillor of the Topnaar community, Lena Kasper.

The food packs that were bought at the value of over N$70 000 were handed out to the Topnaar community in the area, as well as those in Narraville. 

Every pack included maize meal, sugar, salt, cooking oil, macaroni, spaghetti, beef luncheon roles, soup packs and drinks.

Kasper said residents are well aware of the rising number of Covid-19 cases at Walvis Bay and they are trying their best to adhere to the rules.

“We also provided masks and demonstrated how to use them. Law enforcement agencies and the health ministry also visited to give information on Covid-19. We are trying our best to curb the spread of coronavirus and at the same time keep the people fed,” said Kasper.

Community members were happy with the donation.

“We are truly grateful towards our children who did not forget us. We cannot believe that something like this came our way. It is a lot. Please continue doing what you are doing, with the love of God,” said ouma Anna Van Neel.

“This is the first time for me as a young person go get such a food donation. It helps a lot in our houses as we have families to take care of,” said Clarence Narib.

The community has about 2 000 residents living along the Kuiseb River and within the Namib Naukluft Park. They are the oldest inhabitants of Namibia and mostly depend on livestock farming and selling ǃNara products.

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