by Luqman Cloete

A PLAN by a South African couple to buy cigarettes in Namibia to beat the ban on the sale of alcohol and tobacco products in their country, as part of lockdown regulations, has landed them behind bars.

The //Kharas police crime investigations coordinator, Chrispin  Mubebo, today said police arrested the couple for illegally crossing the border into Namibia at Noordoewer on 11 May.

According to Mubebo, the couple crossed the Orange River on foot in their quest to buy tobacco products and other commodities at Noordoewer.

He said in a separate incident another South African man was also nabbed for illegal entry into Namibia after crossing  Orange River near Noordoewer. on a canoe to go buy tobacco products and other commodities.

Mubebo said the suspects remain in custody at the Karasburg police cells but will be deported back to South Africa.

He noted that the suspects will be quarantined for 14 days before they are deported.  

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