by Adam Hartman

SWAPO has long had a majority in the Swakopmund Town Council, but this has changed now, with the party taking only three of the ten seats on the council in Wednesday’s local authority election.

The party won six seats in the 2015 local authority election.

The Independent Patriots for Change has taken three seats, while the Swakopmund Residents’ Association (SRA) has increased its seats to two.

The Popular Democratic Movement has lost its representation in the council altogether.

The United Democratic Front and Landless People’s Movement got a seat each.

“There is no better democracy than this outcome in Swakopmund. Neither IPC nor Swapo has the majority, and therefore rely on the vote of SRA or LPM or UDF. That gives hope for five productive years,” said SRA chairman Wilfied Groenewald.

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