by Hileni Nembwaya

NAMIBIA’S ruling party, Swapo, has managed to retain its hold in all the constituencies of the Ohangwena region during the just-ended local and regional elections. 

The Ohangwena region is one of Swapo’s strongholds in the north. Swapo candidates won in all of the 12 constituencies in Ohangwena.

The Swapo regional coordinator in Ohangwena, Hafeni Hatutale, said he was happy with the electorate for believing in Swapo, “because we are nothing without them”.
“We are happy and we will hopefully deliver more services to our trusted electorate,” he said.

Four of the Swapo candidates in the regional council election in Ohangwena are women and eight are men. 

“Our main aim is to deliver with the assistance of the electorate, supporters and sympathisers,” Hatutale said. “I hope the electorate will be able to maintain the same spirit in the next years to come and beyond.”

No opposition party has so far been able to win a majority of votes in any of the constituencies in the Ohangwena region.

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