by Ester Mbathera

AN elderly woman at Walvis Bay has warned the community to be on the lookout for a group of four men and a woman who she claims are masquerading as health officials testing for Covid-19.

Francina Williams was home with her daughter when the five people attempted to invade her home under the disguise of being health officials testing for COVID-19.

The 85-year-old Francina Williams told The Namibian the five people came to her house at around 10h00 this morning claiming to be “health officials from a private Covid-19 organisation”.

“The young man came to me and he said: ‘Ouma we are here about the virus.’ I asked him, where are you are working, and they told me they are working on the virus. He gave me a paper with a picture of a man like the one they have in the hospitals. Then he told me I must sign,” Williams narrated.

She added that she became doubtful about the group when she realised they were not wearing protective clothing, nor did they present her with any form of identification.

“When I saw them through the bedroom window I went quiet to listen to the conversation. I heard them saying they are doing Covid testing and I yelled for them to leave,” said Williams’ daughter Eunice. “They quickly jumped into their car and drove off,” she said.

William described the vehicle as a white double-cab bakkie with a foreign number plate.

Law enforcement officials have been to her house and are now looking for the vehicle. They have also asked the public to report anyone posing as a Covid-19 health official.

“Never expose your properties to strangers and study your security weakness. Never open [for] strangers to come into your house especially during this time of Covid. If at all they want to speak to you they should rather speak to you outside the yard.

“Business should be done at a business premises especially during this time. Moving from house to house is a risk,” advised the Community Affairs Commander for Erongo region, Ileni Shapumba.

Namibia has not started with mass population testing for Covid-19.

Covid-19 call centre contact details: 0800 100 100. People with hearing impairment can WhatsApp to 085 110 0100.

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