by Ndanki Kahiurika

TO prevent job losses, the Social Security Commission, in conjunction with the government, will launch a stimulus package during the state of emergency.

Milka Mungunda

Milka Mungunda, the SSC’s chief, announced this at the Covid-19 Communication Centre where panellists are discussing the impact of the virus on labour and employment.

Mungunda said the package will cater for both formal and informal sector employees, who contribute monthly to the SSC, as well as for those not registered with the commission.

According to information gathered, Covid-19 affects nine areas of the economy severely.

This includes farming, manufacturing, entertainment, construction tourism and hospitality, services, transport and domestic work.

Mungunda said to prevent job losses, employers will be subsidised to pay salaries.

“This will be on condition that employers promise not to retrench their workers. Employers are not allowed to reduce employees’ wages to less than 50% of their salary or to retrench them in April, May and June,” she said.

She said the government is assisting vulnerable workers who have been members of the SSC since 1 February 2020, on condition that they earn less than N$50 000 per annum.

“They will get 50% of their monthly salaries for three months,” Mungunda said.

She said no one would get less than a N$1 000 per month – even if they contribute less than what they can benefit from.

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