by Sakeus Iikela

The Electoral Commission of Namibia will arrange special voting for Covid-19 patients for the upcoming regional and local authority elections.

This will be informed by the number of people who will be in hospitals, isolation and quarantine facilities during the period determined for the conduct of the elections.

ECN’s chief electoral officer Theo Mujoro said the commission will put together teams that will be sent to various quarantine facilities to register and facilitie the voting process for these people. Mujoro said the commission will work hand in hand with the health ministry to conduct this process.

Any individual who will participate in the electoral process from registration to polling day will be required to adhere to the national guidelines against the spread of coronavirus.

This includes the mandatory wearing of face masks and the regular sanitising of hands. Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) chief electoral officer Theo Mujoro during a press briefing in Windhoek on Wednesday morning said those who contravene these measures will be forced to leave the electoral venues.

He however said the ECN is under no illusion that this is going to be an easy task.

“Nobody expected this. We had no idea that we will be faced with this pandemic, therefore, we rely on our stakeholders to adhere to and implement the measures set out in our mitigation plan,” Mujoro said.

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