An employee tapes an announcement saying that masks and antiseptics are sold out on the display window of a pharmacy in Athens. Pharmacies around Windhoek and Okahandja have already reported stock shortage of hand sanitisers and surgical masks. Photo: Nampa-AFP


SEVERAL shops and pharmacies around the country have run out of hand sanitisers and masks amid the global spread of coronavirus.

Chairperson of the Pharmaceutical Society of Namibia, Benjamin Khumalo, told The Namibian that wearing masks can prevent those already infected from spreading the virus further. Members of the public can also reduce infection by wearing the mask, although there is no guarantee that it will completely keep the virus at bay.

Khumalo also said wearing a mask when traveling is a good idea.

However, he said the proper mask to wear is the N95, which is used by medical staff dealing directly with patients.

Khumalo added that wearing surgical masks is not recommended as they are too thin.

As for hand sanitiser, he said that any pharmacist should be able to make an alcohol based sanitiser should they run out of stock.

A pharmacist Maerua Mall in Windhoek told The Namibian that while they are out of stock, they will be getting new stock of sanitiser from a local pharmaceutical manufacturer.

They added that their supply of face masks was bought by one individual as soon as the outbreak started earlier this year. They have been unable to order more.

Various pharmacies around Windhoek, including Victoria Pharmacy, told The Namibian that they have run out of masks.

A pharmacist at one of the pharmacies at Okahandja told The Namibian that they are out of hand sanitisers. We are also out face masks she said. 

“The mask that we have at the moment are for staff members only”.

The Namibian visited Shoprite and Clicks at Okahandja shopping complex and they are also out of stock.

The ministry of health on Saturday morning confirmed the first two cases of coronovirus from a Spanish couple who arrived in the country on Wednesday.

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