by Taati Niilenge

Disgruntled Narraville residents flocked to the second Covid-19 burial at Walvis Bay this evening.

Health oficials and security forces eventually had to turn around with the body as residents were blocking the entrance to the site.

The group has expressed their dissatisfactionwith the site being used as a Covid-19 graveyard, as well as the burial method.

Erongo regional governor Neville Andre urged residents to remain calm.

“Please do not panic. We are determined to look after the health of Walvis Bay residents. We are humbly asking residents to allow us to bury the body. That place was earmarked for burial a long time ago. The guidelines stipulate that a second cemetery is allowed a distance away from the current one.”

He said Covid-19 graves must be 2,6 metres deep, and graveyards at the town can only go 1,4 metres deep due to underground water.

He said a wall would be built soon to fence off the cemetery and that no health risk existed.

The burial will continue tomorrow, as postponing burial poses a risk

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