by Taati Niilenge

MEMBERS of the Walvis Bay community flocked to the Kuisebmond community hall on Saturday to be tested for Covid-19 after a message was circulated on social media that mass testing for the virus was taking place at the venue.

The residents were however turned away and told that the testing was only for those who had been contacted during contact tracing.

The anxious residents said they were disappointed at being turned away because are eager to know their status.

Some were hoping to get their results written on paper so that they can present them to the police, to be issued permits to leave the region.

Other residents said they work in fish factories and fear that they might have been exposed to the virus.

There were some who claimed they are neighbours and friends to the people who had tested positive and they wanted to be sure of their safety, especially since their children play with others in the same neighbourhood.

Law enforcement agents explained to the anxious group that those being tested had been told to go to the hall. The public was warned against reacting to messages sent through social media platforms, as this was causing confusion.

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