by Luqman Cloete

TREVALI Rosh Pinah mine says it has put precautionary measures in place to help keep the Covid-19 at bay.

The Rosh Pinah Mine site.
Photo: Trevali Mining Corporation

The mine general manager Christo Horn in an interview on Thursday afternoon said the company started to educate workers during safety talks about the coronavirus pandemic two months back already.

He said the mine had abolished breathalyser tests to which mine workers were subjected before entering the mine, and had implemented measures such as sanitising of the employees’ hands at the gate.

“We escalated the precautionary measures by sanitising computers and vehicles when workers change shifts.

According to Horn, the company has also advised workers with flu-like symptoms to go into self-isolation, and to maintain a two-metre social distance to curb the spread of the virus.

“We have implemented these precautionary measures in accordance with WHO and the labour ministry guidelines,” he added.

He said the two mines, Skorpion Zinc and Trevali Rosh Pinah, have also made available, the veterinary clinic for screening and testing of suspected Covid-19 cases.

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