by Charmaine Ngatjiheue

People being quarantined at Henties Bay due to the novel coronavirus outbreak claim the treatment from health officials at the quarantine facilities is substandard and they are being kept in quarantine for longer than necessary.

BREAKFAST … Henties Bay quarantined individuals’ ate dry oatmeal for breakfast on Tuesday.

Some of the people quarantined at Henties Bay threatened to leave the quarantine facilities on Tuesday morning.

Law enforcement officers and some officials from the health and social services ministry, including the Erongo Health directorate chief principal officer Dr Amir Shaker, had to intervene, requesting the group not to leave.

Some of the quarantined people say some people who have already been tested for the novel coronavirus have been in the facilities since 21 June.

“They keep testing the people but results are still outstanding,” the team leader said, choosing to remain anonymous to avoid victimisation.

The leader, on behalf of the other quarantined people, called on the health and social services ministry to provide pending results from 12 June to date.

The quarantined individuals also claim people who test positive for the novel coronavirus are mixed with people who are negative.

“This is increasing the risk of infection for healthy individuals,” the team leader said.

The leader said the group is seeking an audience with the Erongo regional governor, regional councillors, Dr Shaker, officials managing food portions and the catering company.

They claim living conditions are terrible as ablution facilities have leakages, toilets are not flushing and doors are without handles or completely broken.

They are also complaining about the quality of the food being provided to them.

They said the Ministry of Health and Social Services should allow for self-quarantine and isolation so that people can avoid having to go through such inconvenience.

The group has called on the officials to respond to their outcry, or they would take matters into their own hands. – [email protected]

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