by Staff Reporter

AFFIRMATIVE Repositioning leader Job Amupanda, whose ambition is to become city mayor, has promised residents of Windhoek that the youth movement, together “with the progressive forces”, will now run the council in a way that benefits the “dejected masses”.

This follows confirmation earlier today that Swapo has lost control of the Windhoek municipality, after voters only handed the ruling party five seats out of 15 on the council.

Dr Panduleni Itula’s Independent Patriots for Change has four seats, while AR and the Landless People’s Movement have two each. The Popular Democratic Movement and Nudo have one seat each.

Amupanda promised those that have toppled Swapo would now “take charge of the affairs of our country’s capital”.

“As there is no political formation (that) secured more than 50 plus one (required majority), it goes without saying that the progressive forces that toppled the corrupt regime would need to consolidate unity of purpose to form the leadership to stop the suffering of the residents of Windhoek (sic),” Amupanda said on his Facebook page.

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