by Hileni Nembwaya

A 49-year-old female police officer succumbed to Covid-19 at Eenhana in the Ohangwena region on Thursday.

This is the first Covid-19-related death recorded in the region.
The deceased (name withheld at the request of the family), was buried at Omhito cemetery at Eenhana on Saturday.

Deputy health minister Esther Muinjangue on Saturday announced that the country has recorded four new Covid-19-related deaths,  311 new cases and three recoveries.

“The patient from Eenhana is a 49-year-old woman, she was initially seen at a private healthcare facility at Eenhana on 18 August when she had symptoms consistent with Covid-19.

She was in contact with a confirmed case. She was then referred to a public health facility in Eenhana on 19 August,” said Muinjangue.

She said the police officer was tested and her results for Covid-19 came out positive on 20 August.

Muinjangue added that she did not have pre-existing conditions, however, her condition deteriorated and she died in the early hours of 20 August.

The governor of Ohangwena region, Walde Ndevashiya, was among the mourners who paid their last respects to the deceased at a brief funeral service held in her honour.

He noted that she was a long serving and dedicated police officer.

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