Iipumbu Shiimi. Photo: Shinovene Immanuel

The economic income grant (EIG) is for people who lost their livelihoods in the informal sector as well as the unemployed, says finance minister Iipumbu Shiimi.

As long as you are between 18 and 59 years and you are not benefiting from any other social grants, you qualify for this grant.

Students do not qualify for the EIG because they didn’t not lose any livelihood incomes. People who lost jobs in the formal sector do not qualify for EIG, as they will be catered for under different schemes. As they are known through the taxbase.

Nominate yourself by sending an sms to MTC and choose the bank through which you would prefer to receive your grant.

Shiimi said the process will take about two days before you receive your money, once you nominate yourself. Members of the public who qualify can start nominating themself tomorrow. Payments will be done from next week, Tuesday.

The finance minister was speaking at a press conference at the Covid-19 information centre in Windhoek.

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