by Clemans Miyanicwe

FOUR teachers at a primary school at Outjo were told to self-quarantine as they were at a funeral at the Kunene region town which was also attended by a woman from Walvis Bay who tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

ON ALERT … Outjo circuit inspector Thomas Amutenya. Photo: Clemans Miyanicwe

In a letter dated 22 June, a school principal said Outjo circuit inspector Thomas Amutenya was informed that the four teachers had been in contact with people from Walvis Bay and the school management was requesting that they should stay at home for self-quarantine “as there might be a possible transmission of the virus”.

Amutenya confirmed that he received the letter and told The Namibian that the matter was referred to the ministry of health to test the teachers. 

According to Amutenya, the principal is uncomfortable about the teachers returning to school before they have been tested because Walvis Bay is a hotspot of Covid-19.
The primary school has about 500 pupils and more than twenty staff members, including teachers.

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