by Hileni Nembwaya

The Oshana education directorate has temporarily closed Mweshipandeka Secondary School for face-to-face teaching after one of the pupils at the school tested positive for Covid-19 on Monday.

Photo: Contributed.

A team of health officials will be dispatched to the school to conduct testing on all pupils, teachers and workers.

Boarders at the school’s hostel will be quarantined for four days, or until the test results of all pupils are available and cleared of Covid-19.

Oshana education director Hileni Amukana in a press release said the regional task force on Covid-19 is in charge of the situation and will provide psychosocial support as well as advise the directorate on case management.

“It came to the directorate’s attention that one of the pupils who was under quarantine tested positive for Covid-19. This pupil will remain quarantined while receiving both medical and psychological support,” she said.

Amukana said all non-hostel pupils will remain at home and will be provided with support and learning material.

The teachers will be on duty, preparing teaching and learning material. 

“Cleaning and disinfection . . . will take place . . . This is important to reduce potential contamination with Covid-19. The school should enforce regular hand washing with water and soap, alcohol-based sanitiser or chlorine solution and, at a minimum, daily disinfection and cleaning of school surfaces,” Amukana said.

She urged pupils not to stigmatise or tease one another about being sick.
The male pupil (20) who tested positive reportedly travelled to Walvis Bay during the lockdown period and returned to the region to resume face-to-face learning on 5 June.

He was boarding in the hostel before he was quarantined by education authorities.

He was tested on 22 June and his results came out positive on Monday.

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