by Hileni Nembwaya

The education directorate in the Oshana region has placed 11 pupils who recently travelled from high-risk areas in Erongo region under quarantine.

Some of the pupils have been placed under quarantine at isolation facilities in Oshana while others have been directed to go into self-isolation until health officials have cleared them of possible novel coronavirus infection.

The acting deputy director of education in Oshana, Hilma Nuunyango-George, told The Namibian that none of the pupils under quarantine or in self-isolation is showing any signs of Covid-19.

However, the directorate is still waiting for their coronavirus test results from health officials.

“The pupils have been placed under quarantine since when they resumed the face-to-face learning. They are not showing any signs of Covid-19 and they are all in good health. We are in constant communication with the ministry of health officials in the region for any possible outcome and so far we did not receive any news of them testing positive to Covid-19, which is good news,” she said.

Nuunyango-George added: “Our contact with the pupils placed under quarantine is just to see if they are coping with their school work and to deliver study materials to them as well. Everything else is being done by the health officials. We really cannot wait for them to be cleared of any possible infections and return back to school in order for them to continue their tutorials together with others. We are also in communication with the parents of those who are in self-isolation and they all seem to be doing well at the moment.”

There are about 28 schools in Oshana region offering Grade 11 and grade 12.

All of these schools are said to have clean drinking water and proper ablution facilities.

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