by Taati Niilenge

Some residents of Narraville spent the night at the burial site where a Covid-19 victim was buried. They are determined to stop the burial of the second victim.

The say they will block the area when the burial continues today.

“We are concerned about our health and the inhumane way these people are buried. Everybody deserves a proper burial. Look at this place. It looks like a dumpsite,” they say.

Residents say they never agreed to the site being used for Covid-19 deaths.
They will make sure the deceased’s remains are moved to a proper site, away from the residential area.

They say the governor’s explanation for the site does not make sense.

“He said there is no water here. However, the people digging the grave did not even dig close to two metres deep, and water already started coming out,” a resident says.

The residents are disgruntled over the government ignoring them, they say.

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