by Roxane Bayer

BOTH the Namibia Public Workers’ Union (Napwu) and the Namibia National Teachers’ Union (Nantu) are urging members to remain united and comply with Covid-19 regulations, while they continue monitoring the situation.

Petrus Nevonga

In a statement on Friday, Napwu secretary general Petrus Nevonga, and Nantu secretary general Loide Shaanika, said both unions are recognised by the Namibian government as bargaining agents for public servants.

“We have found ourselves in a critical situation since the outbreak of the pandemic, which has threatened the economies of countries around the world, including Namibia,” said Nevonga and Shaanika.

According to them, both unions have been faced with challenges in executing their mandates – especially regarding bargaining for salaries and other benefits.

They said as unions, they noted the government’s effort in supporting Namibians in the informal sector, those who are unemployed, retrenched and those who earn below the tax bracket through stimulus packages.

“These packages also provided economic rescue to affected workers of whom the majority are members of our sister unions under the umbrella of the National Union of the Namibian Workers,” said Nevonga and Shaanika.

They said savings will be used to support small and medium enterprises, employers who did not retrench their employees, as well as to qualifying unemployed citizens.

The stimulus packages are meant to help the hard-hit sectors of the economy, the procurement of health facilities and equipment, the employment of health professionals, the employment of additional teachers at schools and for the provision of water and sanitation to schools.

“Napwu and Nantu as public sector unions remain committed to mitigating measures which will safeguard our members’ job security and improve their livelihood and conditions of employment,” said Nevonga and Shaanika.

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