by Ester Mbathera

Namibia Ports Authority employees are undergoing a contact testing and self isolation process after a spouse of a staff member from the harbour parastatal’s administration block at Walvis Bay recently tested positive for Covid-19.

Tino !Hanabeb, commercial executive at Namport, told The Namibian that operations are continuing as precautionary disinfection of areas in which the employee’s movements were traced have taken place. 

!Hanabeb said the company has adopted a rotational shift system and the shift of the affected employees ended on Monday.

“Nothing has been closed; the department is still operational. No one was sent home as the company has people working on weekly rotating shifts. This week is one group, next week is another group. So the group that worked last week is off and the new group will come on shift tomorrow,” said !Hanabeb.

He added that if any employees’ tests results turn out positive for Covid-19, the normal quarantine days kick in.

“If the spouse that works for Namport is negative then next week the person will come back to work. But in an unlikely event that the person tested positive then the people who were in contact with that person become level one possible contacts and it continues like that,” !Hanabeb said.

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