HEALTH UPDATE: Namibia reports one more case of Covid-19, minister of health and social services Kalumbi Shangula announced this morning at the Covid-19 communication centre.

The new case involves a 31-year-old Namibian woman who travelled from Pretoria, South Africa on 17 June.

This brings Namibia’s total cases to 46.

The patient is asymptomatic and in a satisfactory condition. Shangula says Namibia now has 19 recoveries and 27 active cases.

So far 6 837 samples have been tested, with 150 tested yesterday.

Namibia has quarantined 3 213 people, with 684 still quarantined.

Shangula yesterday announced five confirmed cases of Covid-19 at Walvis Bay. He said they are all local transmissions that came in contact with case number 32.

Namibia’s total cases are now at 45.

Case number 41 is a 10-year-old female, the daughter of case number 34.

Case number 42 is a 40-year-old female, a contact of cases 32 and 34.

Case number 43 is a 38-year-old female who came in contact with cases 32 and 34.

Case number 44 is a 36-year-old male who came in contact with case number 34, and case number 45 is a 28-year-old woman who came in contact with case number 34.

All new cases are Namibian. Namibia now has 26 active cases, with 19 recoveries and 0 deaths.

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