by Taati Niilenge

A Namibian citizen working in Ecuador is urging Namibians to comply with the coronavirus lockdown rules. Moderatha Shaduka says she sees the Namibian situation in the media, and is shocked at how some people are behaving.

“We have been on lockdown for the past 15 days, and it has not been easy, but we have to comply to the rules. Nobody is allowed to even go out to see friends and family. I had to call paramedics when I fell ill the other day. They come to you because you cannot go to hospital, for fear that the virus will spread. However, it is for our own protection. We just have to respect the law. This is about life and death.” she said.

Shaduka says people in Ecuador are not even allowed to order food deliveries, because takeaway food services have been temporarily prohibited.

According to the World Health Organisation, Ecuador, which has a population of 17,64 million, has recorded 1 966 positive cases and 62 deaths.

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