by Hileni Nembwaya

THE Lüderitz Town council has stepped up efforts in readiness to contain the Covid-19 outbreak.

The council is currently reactivating its screening point at the entrance of the town as some of the stringent measures to ensure better case tracing and control of residents.

According to Lüderitz mayor, Brigitte Frederick, residents who enter and leave the town will be screened and registered, in order to curb possible local transmission of Covid-19.

“We already started preparing in March. A screening point was put up at the town entrance. It was later moved to Aus, but we are currently in the process re-establishing it to the entrance of the town again. We will do anything to ensure the safety of the residents” she said.

The screening point will operate on a 24-hour basis, mainly by volunteers.

The mayor said the town had also by the end of March, prepared a 16-bed isolation facility with cooperation from the business community and residents.

Frederick said business owners are especially very active in fighting local transmissions through various donations, while the town’s task force is always going around, ensuring that everybody adheres to safety measures.

Residents are regularly making themselves available as volunteers, cooking and providing services to groups that are on the frontline.

Frederick also continues to urge residents through social media posts and meetings to remain calm and continue their good behaviour.

She said she has faith in the medical staff at the town, and in the region at large, and urged residents to give them support and motivation.

Residents also told The Namibian they are determined to fight local transmission.

“It is a scary virus because you cannot identify one by looking at him. It is killing the economy and our people. We try to stay home as much as possible. Although we need to go to shops and work, we have to just get used to sanitising our hands regularly,” said Jane Kilian.

“We can have a success story in our town if we continue adhering to the rules. We can do it. We are given so much information, and businesses are really helping. We must just obey,” said Seth Jonas.

The community also has a Covid-19 information sharing page, where residents are regularly updated and allowed to share ideas.

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