by Luqman Cloete

The health ministry has temporarily closed the Lüderitz clinic after a health worker tested positive for the novel coronavirus. 

File photo.

!Nami≠Nüs constituency regional councillor Jan Scholtz made the announcement in a statement issued on Tuesday, and said staff members at the clinic as well as identified contacts have been placed under quarantine.

He said the local hospital for now only attends to emergency cases until operations at the clinic resume, and added most health services such as immunisations, family planning and antenatal care have been suspended temporarily until the clinic reopens.

Scholtz advised residents with chronic diseases to visit the hospital pharmacy to collect their medicines. 

He said locals demanding that hospital staff members should reveal the identity of confirmed coronavirus patients remain a challenge, and urged residents to respect Covid-19 regulations in terms of confidentiality. 

Scholtz warned against the stigmatisation of Covid-19 patients.

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