by Shinovene Immanuel

LANDLESS People’s Movement (LPM) deputy leader Henny Seibeb said the party is happy with the election results so far, saying they now control the country’s two southern regions.

Seibeb said this in an interview with The Namibian today on his views about the latest results from the local authority and regional elections.

“We are happy. So far we have control of two regions [//Kharas and Hardap],” he said.

LPM, led by Bernadus Swartbooi, has pushed the ancestral land agenda since coming onto the political scene. They have also taken on Swapo in parliament.

Seibeb said LPM could now send six members to the National Council in Windhoek. The hope that they will be able to send 12 representatives to parliament, judging by the way the elections are unfolding.

The LPM deputy chief admitted that the party did not get enough votes in Windhoek and the Erongo region.

Seibeb said the lack of coalitions among the opposition diluted votes and in some cases gave Swapo wins in areas in which they could have lost.

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