Deputy health minister Esther Muinjangue this morning at the Covid-19 Communication Centre said the ministry has traced 118 contacts for confirmed coronavirus cases.

“We are currently monitoring eight of them until they finish their 14 days of quarantine,” she said.

She urged people to stay home and not move around too much.

The panel this morning consists of the advisor to the labour minister, Vicky ya Toivo, labour minister Utoni Nujoma and chief executive officer of the Social Security Commission, Milka Mungunda.

The trio discussed the impact of Covid-19 on labour and employment.

Ya Toivo said no employee should be dismissed during lockdown.

“Anyone who has received a letter of retrenchment; it will be deferred until after the lockdown.

“Employers are not allowed to force leave, or put their workers on sick or unpaid leave. If already done, employers are expected to reinstate them,” she said.

Milka Mungunda

Mungunda said the only exception is if the company is considering closure.

Nujoma said employers are benefiting from employees’ hard work and should discuss solutions instead of dismissing workers.

The deputy health minister said a stimulus package will be used to pay people a N$1 000 per month during the state of emergency. She said Namibians who earn less than N$50 000 per year or are unemployed would qualify for this.

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