ZAMBEZI RESULT I An independent candidate, Ivene Visitor Kabunga, has won the regional council election in the Zambezi region’s Linyanti constituency. Swapo previously held the constituency.

WALVIS BAY RESULT I Independent Patriots for Change candidate Florian Tegako Donatus has won the regional council election in the Walvis Bay Rural constituency, previously held by Swapo.

ERONGO RESULT | The Swapo Party has retained the Omaruru constituency after Ernest Wetha was announced as the new constituency councillor.

OTJOZONDJUPA RESULT | The National Unity Democratic Organisation (Nudo) has retained Okakarara constituency, which was previously occupied by now ousted former deputy leader Vetaruhe Kandorozu. The new Nudo councillor for Okakarara is Abdal Mutjavikua who won with 2 813 votes.

//KHARAS RESULT | LPM candidate Gertjie Witbooi scooped the Keetmanshoop Rural Constituency seat, scoring 1 817 votes.

ERONGO RESULTS | Swapo councillor Melenia Ndjago has been re-elected as the Karibib Constituency councillor, scoring 1 295 votes.

KAVANGO WEST RESULT | Former Swapo Party Youth League member Paulus Mbangu has won the Rundu Rural constituency regional council contest as an independent candidate.

OMUSATI RESULT | Johannes Iiyambo (Swapo Party) wins the regional council election in the Otamanzi constituency in Omusati, leading with 3 325 votes.

OMUSATI RESULT | Swapo candidate Petrus Festus Simon is the newly elected regional councillor for the Onesi constituency in the Omusati region.

OMUSATI | The incumbent Swapo councillor for Okalongo constituency in Omusati region, Laurentius Makana Iipinge, has been re-elected, leading with 5 667 votes.

SWAKOP RESULT | IPC candidate Ciske Smith Howard has won the Swakopmund constituency election, beating all her opponents with more than 2 000 votes.

OSHAKATI RESULT | Affirmative Repositioning activist Paulus Paulus, who stood as a regional council candidate in the Oshakati West constituency, lost to Swapo candidate Aram Martin (62). Paulus received 439 votes, against Martin’s 3 323 votes.

KUNENE RESULT | United Democratic Front candidate Nico Maulius Somaeb has been elected as regional councillor in the Kamanjab constituency. Somaeb received 1 116 votes; Swapo candidate Nikodemus Amutenya was placed second with 919 votes.

KHORIXAS RESULT | The United Democratic Front has recaptured the Khorixas constituency from Swapo. UDF regional council candidate Sebastian !Huis !Gobs received 1 677 votes. Swapo candidate and serving regional councillor Elias Xoagub received 1 112 votes.

OSHANA RESULT | Swapo candidate Leonard Sunday Negonga (2 921 votes) has been elected as the new regional councillor of the Ondangwa Urban constituency. IPC candidate Fillemon Olavi Negonga received 2 434 votes.

OTJOZONDJUPA RESULT | Swapo has held on to the Tsumkwe constituency in Otjozondjupa, with Johannes Hausiku elected as regional councillor with 1 249 votes, according to preliminary results.

KAVANGO WEST RESULTS | The Swapo Party’s Kosmas Katura has won the Musese constituency in Kavango West with 1 628 vote. The Popular Democratic Movement’s Kangumbe was the second to Katura with 201 votes.

OTJOZONDJUPA RESULTS | The Swapo Party won the Grootfontein constituency with 2 880 votes, according to the Electoral Commission of Namibia’s provisional results released today. The Independent Patriots for Change came second with 1 050 votes.

KUNENE RESULTS | PDM leader Kakuva Uaurikua Cornelius Venajo is the incoming leader of the Opuwo Rural Constituency with 2355 vote, while Kuvare Kapatua for Nudo got 646 and Mbunguha Tjazapi of Swapo got 597, while the Independent Patriots for Change Ruhozu Elia Mbeupeua got 26 votes.

OTJOZONDJUPA RESULTS | The National Unity Democratic Organisation’s Israel Hukura has provisionally been elected as the Omatako constituency councillor with 909 votes. Swapo Party’s Moses Hikopua got the second highest votes with 875, according to the ECN’s provisional election results.

OMAHEKE RESULT | Peter Kazongominja from the National Unity Democratic Organisation of Namibia (Nudo) has been re-elected as regional councillor for the Aminuis constituency. He beat two independent candidates and candidates from the PDM and Swapo.

WINDHOEK EAST RESULT I Independent Patriots for Change candidate Brian Black has won the regional council election in the Khomas region’s Windhoek East constituency, according to results announced by the constituency’s returning officer.

Black received 3 715 votes, beating his closest challengers, Popular Democratic Movement candidate Pieter Senekal (2 511 votes) and Swapo candidate Felix Tjozongoro (1 615 votes).

Photo: Namibian Manufacturers Association

WINDHOEK WEST RESULT | Swapo candidate Emma Muteka has won the Windhoek West constituency in Khomas with a majority of only three votes, receiving 3 250 votes against Independent Patriots for Change candidate Jacobus Visagie’s tally of 3 247 votes.

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