Deputy health minister Esther Muinjangue says there are no new confirmed Covid-19 cases. There are currently six recoveries and 10 active cases who are asymptomatic.

Esther Muinjangue

The deputy minister said the ministry has started rolling out testing for those under quarantine and 160 people have been tested. The ministry will further conduct testing at the Covid-19 Communication Centre this week.

Muinjangue says the reason for social mobilisation is to keep community members informed and updated on Covid-19 issues. She said community health workers are provided with a tool kit to guide them on what to focus on when informing the public about Covid-19. They are also trained on this.

They are further given training in that capacity.

Photo: Okeri Ngutjinazo

The deputy minister made these remarks on Monday morning during a discussion on social mobilisation and community engagement.

Other panelists included Panelists senior health programme officer Petra Ipinge and sergeant Katrina Nomboga.

Sergeant Katrina Nomboga says the regulations state that taxi drivers are obliged to have only three passengers in their car. She added that they should not drive an empty car to look for customers but only if they have been requested to move if they received a call to pick up somebody.

Nomboga said it has become business unusual because of the lockdown.

The sergeant noted that physical exercise is allowed if it is not more than three people. As stated in the directives, exercise is allowed but it depends on the number of persons and the place where the exercise takes place.

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