Deputy health minister Ester Muinjangue this morning said there are no new confirmed Covid-19 cases.

Deputy health minister Ester Muinjangue

The country still has 31 confirmed cases with 16 recoveries and 15 active cases. A total of 4970 people were tested and 496 contacts have been identified and are being monitored.

Meanwhile 737 people are in quarantine.

Today’s discussion is on the adherence to Covid-19 regulations in the transport industry.

The panelist include Khomas regional commander commissioner Joseph Shikongo, deputy director of transportation regulations in the works ministry Damien Mabengano and chief executive officer of FP du Toit Stephan Terblanche.

Commissioner Shilongo said they have registered cases of rape, drinking and driving, and road accidents. He noted that alcohol is the contributing factor to these cases.

The police have observed violations from truck drivers, with some drivers not having been informed what to do from their companies. Shilongo declined to mention the companies who have done so and those who have violated the rules.

He added that they have noticed from some truck drivers that their companies are not taking care of them.

Terblanche said the stigma against truck drivers is not fair as they play an important role in the essential supplies that they deliver. He noted it is a risk because they move across borders but they are needed.

“It is important to work together and not put a stigma on them. It is not easy being a truck driver,” he said, adding that they have to go under quarantine instead of going to their families upon their arrival.

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