Information minister Peya Mushelenga says Namibia had engaged the European Union to find the best way of fighting Covid-19. He was speaking at the Covid-19 Communication Centre (CCC) on Friday discussing the N$172 million EU grant to Namibia for the Covid-19 fight.

From left: NPC’s Ned Sibeya, information minister Peya Mushelenga and EU delegation ambassador Sinikka Antila. Photo: Charmaine Ngatjiheue

Mushelenga said the funds would release the fiscus of a huge budget.

EU ambassador to Namibia Sinikka Antisa said the funds are general budget support and a very particular type of support.

She said the N$172 million will be put in government budget and would be used for budget purposes, saying Covid-19 has a huge impact on economic issues.

A director from the National Planning Commission (NPC) Ned Sibeya said since the Covid-19 outbreak, drawbacks can be felt within the commission and they have had to put development plans on hold.

Sibeya added that they have Prioritised available resources for Covid-19 and have had to put certain projects on hold but the NPC is not completely diverting from our projects.

Antila added that Europe is the hardest hit in this pandemic but have learnt that the virus is spreading and all hands on deck are needed hence the EU’s support to Namibia.

Mushelenga says those who have not received the once off N$750 funds from the finance ministry should be patient while the government sorts out technical glitches.

He said the technicalities are faced across board and funds and not only for the N$750 recipients.


The information minister added that those who are cheating the system and are trying to get the N$750 would be dealt with in terms of the law and urged those who are aware of this shady dealings to report the perpetrators.

He noted that the first phase of the Stimulus Package, which is N$8,1 billion has been concluded and if the government decides on a second phase of the package, announcements would be made in due course. He said the issue may be funding because the economy stands to lose N$10 billion as a result of the lockdown, as economic activity has come to a standstill.

Second phase would depend on revenue available. We have rolled out N$8 billion but economy lost N$10 billion. If there is a second phase, we will announce at an appropriate time.

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