Panelists discussing the ‘Road to Recovery’ at the Covid-19 daily update on Saturday morning.
Photo Charmaine Ngatjiheue

This morning’s panelists at the Covid-19  communication centre will discuss the road to recovery and the perspective of a recovered patient.

The panelists are health minister Dr. Kalumbi Shangula, Dr Nelao Amagulu, who was herself quarantined, and director of primary health care in the health ministry Naemi Shoopala.

Shangula says there are no new confirmed positive Covid-19 cases in Namibia since 5 April 2020. He says the drastic measures the government has taken has managed to contain Covid-19 transmissions.

Giving information on the truck drivers who tested positive in Zambia, the minister said government initially received information early this week that it was two Namibians, but later investigations showed that it was just one Namibian who had tested positive.

The driver entered Zambia through the Katima Mulilo border. The driver, who has been tested again in that country, tested negative and has been released from the isolation facility.

Shangula added 1 060 people have been tested to date, with the confirmed Covid-19 cases remaining 16, with eight recoveries and eight active cases.

He said the total contacts who have been traced stand at 218, and the total number of people who have been quarantined to date is at 678. Meanwhile, only over 200  people are still in quarantine facilities presently.

Naemi Shoopala. Photo: MICT

Speaking at the same platform, Shoopala said, unfortunately, a recovered patient who was supposed to speak on their recovery this morning could not make it.

Shoopala said Covid-19 is a new disease that takes a toll on a person’s mental capacity. She added that these individuals are in close contact with psychologists to deal with the disease. Since it is part of the road to recovery, Shoopala said even though various tests come back negative, these individuals are urged to continue taking preventative measures.

Video: Charmaine Ngatjiheue

QUARANTINED … Dr. Nelago Amagulu gives a recount of her time in a quarantine facility upon her arrival back in Namibia. Amagulu had to be quarantined after Namibia reported Covid-19 positive cases, of which most of them were imported.

Speaking on her time in quarantine, Amagulu said her overall experience in a quarantine facility was good. She said she was quarantined upon her arrival back in Namibia from Tanzania on 26 March where she is a student. She was in transit through Nairobi, Kenya and Johannesburg, South Africa.

Amagulu said the passengers were informed why they had to be quarantined.

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