COVID-19 UPDATE: Deputy health minister Esther Utjiua Muinjangue says there are seven Covid-19 recoveries so far and still 16 confirmed cases. She says panellists will discuss the deployment of healthcare professionals in the fight against the pandemic so far.

Bertha Katjivena, deputy executive director of health, is discussing the importance of the deployment of healthcare professionals at the Covid-19 Communication Centre this morning. She is joined by deputy director of health Anna Isaacs and moderator Tutu Haukena.

Bertha Katjivena

Deputy executive director of health Bertha Katjivena says the ministry is currently recruiting medical graduates as a temporary measure to fight Covid-19. They will be part of the temporary additional structure of the health ministry. She says 80 000 job seekers are currently listed on the labour ministry’s database.

“We want to expand the recruitment to include health workers to also assist during the lockdown,” she says.

She says those who will be employed temporarily will include new medical graduates, pharmacists, registered nurses and environmental healthcare workers.

Anna Isaacs

Deputy director of health Anna Isaacs says to date 560 volunteers in various categories have been recruited. These volunteers will be paid according to grades and have received appointment letters.

“To be appointed, you must meet the requirements for that specific post,” she says.

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