by Clemans Miyanicwe

THE once-bustling streets of the Khorixas town centre are empty, as most people have stayed home amid coronavirus disease (Covid-19) fears.

Vendors are currently struggling to make ends meet amid the coronavirus outbreak in Namibia.
Photo: Clemans Miyanicwe

When The Namibian visited the town centre at the north-western town, only a handful of people were seen. Street vendors could also be seen awaiting customers for their wares ranging from clothes, spices, cigarettes to vegetables.

A street vendor, who identified herself as Lydia, said the business was slow since the Covid-19 outbreak in the country.

“It’s very slow; nothing is happening here. The town centre is quiet; the sales are down,” Lydia said.

Another street vendor aged 42 years, who sells spices, vegetables and dates, told The Namibian that she was scared, as she does not know how her family would survive should they be told to stay home.

“I and my husband sell our things from the old service station. It’s the only income we have. If the government gives us money or food to stay home, it won’t be a problem,” the 42-year-old mother of four emphasised.

Shiepo Funnyboy Ndilipovanu (30), who sells clothes, necklaces and shoes next to the Swapo office at Khorixas, said he does not have a problem if they are ordered to stay home, but his main concern is how they would survive.

“If you stay at home, you will go hungry. Besides I have four children to support, who reside with their mothers in the north.”

Ndilipovanu, a father of children aged one, two, three and six years, said if the government could provide them with something, it would be a welcome gesture.

Ndilipovanu, who has been a street vendor for more than 10 years, said the Covid-19 is not yet at Khorixas, so it is safe for them to do business on the north-western town’s streets.

Another street vendor opposite the Pep Stores said they are just waiting for the police to order them to go home.

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