by Clemans Miyancwe

AFTER the first Covid-19 case was reported at Khorixas, residents realized that the virus was real and spoke of what must be done.

Julien /Uises, a caretaker for the Namibian Red Cross Society at Khorixas said she was not shocked as she had undergone training on Covid-19 and urged the community to adhere to government regulations.

“Let’s be serious and adhere to government regulations. Khorixas is a small town and things might get out of hand,” /Uises said and also advised parents to stop sending their children on countless errands and that people should avoid going out unnecessarily.

A 63-year-old retired nurse urged Khorixas residents to stop attending funerals in large numbers as Covid-19 can be spread easily at such gatherings.

She also advised them to wear masks every time they go out of their homes.

McKenzie /Huiseb, a community activist said there was no control of people coming into Khorixas. “If there was control then people from other regions would not have brought Covid-19 to our town.”

A 27-year-old who travelled from Bergsig (about 120 kilometres from Khorixas) for shopping called for bars to be closed as people mingle there.

He also called on churches to close and members pray at home.

Another resident urged taxi drivers to have hand sanitisers as well as a register of passengers in their cars.

Charlton Richter, an officer at Khorixas constituency office said the town was lucky in that up to now no Covid-19 cases had been reported.

“It’s testing and challenging times. We need to redouble our efforts to minimise the spread, stay at home as much as possible and avoid unnecessary movement,” he advised.

Businessman Ricky Viljoen of OK Value store said Khorixas residents should adhere to regulations.

He said at OK Value they adhere to regulations but have a problem at pay days.

The store does not allow shoppers without masks and they encourage social distancing.

“Adhere to the regulations, sanitise, wear marks and keep children off the streets,” Senorita !Horases, a pastor at Enlighten Christian Gathering (ECG) said.

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