by Luqman Cloete

The ministry of trade and industrialisation has donated 14 000 masks to vulnerable people and senior citizens in the //Kharas region to help combat the spread of Covid-19.

MASK DONATION … //Kharas governor Aletha Frederick receives the donation from trade and industrialization ministry regional head for //Kharas region, Johannes Kisting and seamstress Magda Vries.

//Kharas governor Aletha Frederick, receiving the mask donation for distribution among the vulnerable, on Tuesday expressed her gratitude to trade ministry officials.

Johannes Kisting, the ministry’s regional head in //Kharas, said the masks were produced by small businesses in the region with material donated by the ministry.

“It was a challenge, but finally we managed to get the small businesses on board,” he remarked.

According to Kisting, the ministry has exceeded its target of producing 11 000 masks for the region.

Magda Vries, one of the seamstresses who made the masks, remarked “it was a bit tough, but we have done it”.

“We can do it […] we wanted to do it,” she added.

While the ministry donated the material used to make the masks, it also bought the finished products from the small businesses at a price of N$15 or N$20 a mask as part of its economic empowerment drive. – [email protected]

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